Is “everyone” in Canada on Facebook?

Just a quicky tea-break post…

I encountered this post (on the O’Reilly Radar blog) through a secondary source…

If I’m reading one of the charts correctly, the U.S. has about 28 million Facebook accounts…and Canada has about 11 million (that’s eyeballing: both numbers could be off quite a bit).

Current estimates for Canada’s population: a little over 33 million.

Current estimates for the U.S. population: a little over 301 million.

So one out of three Canadians is on Facebook–as opposed to something under one out of ten U.S. residents?

(Hey, by any reasonable standard, one-third of everybody in a country, including infants, being on a social network is close enough to “everyone” for everyday use.)


(I’m still thinking about whether to set up an account…slowly, very slowly.)

3 Responses to “Is “everyone” in Canada on Facebook?”

  1. Stephen Abram says:

    Hey Walt:
    We’ll take ya! Even without a Facebook account, eh.

  2. John says:

    This Canadian isn’t on Twitter, but he is on Facebook. I find it as handy as it is fun. Maybe see you there.

  3. GeekChic says:

    This Canadian isn’t on Facebook (or MySpace or Twitter, etc., etc.). But most of my friends and colleagues are on it.