Cites & Insights 8:8 available

Cites & Insights 8:8, August 2008, is now available. The whole issue is PDF, but individual essays are available in HTML from the C&I home page or the article links below.

The 28-page issue includes:

  • ©4: Locking Down Technology – A number of skirmishes in the ongoing battle for full copyright maximalism, including strange lawsuits and even stranger threats.
  • Perspective: On Numeracy, Naivete, Google & Pew – Did your newspaper say that Pew says 21% of atheists believe in God? Read on…
  • Library Access to Scholarship – A range of interesting items, one newsworthy–and, by the way, the PALINET Leadership Network has a brand-new cluster on open access.
  • Making it Work – A slew of comments on possibility and reality–or, if you prefer, pragmatism.
  • Retrospective: Pointing with Pride, Part 4 – A few gems, including “Living with Contradictions” from way back in 2001.

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