Thinking about books

OK, so I’ve been remarketing the three primary Cites & Insights Books books.

Some of you might also find one or both of the big paperback C& I annuals worth buying, but you can look into those on your own. They’re bargains at $29.50, to be sure, and I do provide added value in each case–both glorious full-color covers and something that you can’t get otherwise in each volume.

Cites & Insights Books continues to be an experiment. I’m pondering where (if anywhere) to take that experiment next. (If an experiment can’t fail, it’s not really an experiment…)

At the moment, given essentially total silence, I’m somewhat inclined to believe there’s a reluctance to deal with the facts of most library blogs–that people would rather talk theory and mention two or three hand-picked examples. I discussed an alternate theory here–but there are other books about library blogs and blogging, so that one’s a little hard to accept. It’s also quite possible that I’ve done a lousy job describing the books or that I did a lousy job of doing them. I know I’ve done a lousy job of marketing them…

So here’s the thing.

  • I’m renewing the call for answers to the question posed here, and I won’t make any decisions until after ALA.
  • Alternatively, I wonder whether it would make sense to turn the two library blogging books into a single follow-on book that looks at how blogs changed from March-May 2007 to March-May 2008–that is, a similar longitudinal book but focusing on library blogs rather than liblogs.
  • Or I could say the hell with it and abandon the experiment for now…


Oh: If there are readers who believe I’ve just been obsessing about book sales and futures for the last two weeks, be reassured: That’s not the case. I’m sure some of you (and a few LSW folks) will have figured out the reality:

My wife and I were in Alaska, along with a dear friend who’s also a librarian, during the last two weeks (we should get back shortly after this post appears). I wasn’t fretting about book sales. I also wasn’t blogging, although I was checking email (mostly work email) periodically–that is, I was if the ship’s internet cafe wasn’t too crowded.

These four posts used WordPress’ postdating capability so they’d appear during my absence.

Some semblance of normal posting–whatever that means for this blog–will resume the week of June 9, once I plow through email and paper mail and blog posts and work issues…

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