In case you haven’t heard (over and over and over…)

Firefox 3 is now available. You should find it here.

Mozilla is apparently aiming for a record for first-day downloads. I didn’t blog about it earlier because I had no idea whether I’d try to download it today.

I did–successfully–about three hours after the official release time (10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT). The download was a little on the slow side (but not really bad); the install was very quick. And FF3 does seem to start and run faster than FF2.

Otherwise? The toolbar’s a little more Vista-y (on Vista), there are a bunch of little changes that I might or might not ever notice, it picked up my preferences and all but one add-on smoothly (and I wasn’t even aware I had the incompatible add-on; I certainly don’t need it).

Some day, I’ll get the acid test: Will it print Six Apart blog posts better than FF2 did, or will I still have to use IE for that form of printing? In any case, I’m happy, and will continue to use FF for almost all my web work.

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