Meaningful permalinks and a brief problem

I don’t remember who was talking about it, but some liblogger was grumbling about meaningless permalinks–the kind this blog has always had (e.g.,

So, sez I, I’ll do something about it; the settings seem much more accessible in WP2.5.

As of now, permalinks are now meaningful: the year, the month, and the post title. (I still don’t have a “permalink” text item; the title of each post is also the permalink.) That’s retroactive–but <b>internal</b> permalinks–from one post to another one within this blog–will still show up as “?p=…” and should still work just fine. I’ll start using new permalinks in future posts…

For a little while–I think just one day–there was a problem: The “named” permalinks were showing up in the blog, but they didn’t actually work because I hadn’t made the needed changes to the htaccess file. (There’s a reason for that, but you don’t need to know it.) David “medical librarian” Rothman let me know there was a problem–just a few minutes before I was planning to try to get it fixed.

Fortunately, thanks to Blake Carver, the fix was nearly immediate. So if you tried a meaningful permalink and it didn’t work–it should now.

And yes, that does apply to the link for “A really big look at liblogs.” Where you get the chance to tell me I’m an idiot (on one particular topic) with no fear of retribution.

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