Getting up to date

This blog’s been using WordPress 2.0.6. Just a wee bit behind the times.

Maybe that’s part of the reason I’ve had so much trouble with paragraph-swallowing.

Since PLN Highlights is moving to the current WP version in the near future, and was already much closer to current form, I thought it finally made sense to move.

Downsides: I don’t get an immediate overall comment count, the Category list is well down the screen instead of being on the right side of the editing window, and you can’t add HTML directly to the visual-editing screen–which is terrible practice anyway. Or, rather, you can add HTML directly to the screen, and WordPress will turn it into displayable text, e.g., attempting to embolden a word by using <b>word</b>–well, you can see the results.

Upsides: For one, I don’t believe this editor will swallow paragraphs, and on any post longer than 200-300 words, the old version was getting really bad in that regard–sometimes, even after I went into HTML view and added explicit marks, it would turn them into line breaks.

Also, the visual editor is much cleaner, is resizable and, tada, you can even go to a full-screen editing mode. What a concept!

Post and comment management also seems much cleaner.

Hmm. This is interesting: In HTML mode, paragraphs show as spaces rather than <p></p> pairs. I don’t believe that was true before. I switched to HTML because horizontal rules won’t work in visual mode.

So I inserted that as <hr> in HTML mode–also much smoother than in WP 2.0.6, since that version popped up a little HTML window as a separate window, where this has it as a tab.

Now, let me complain about LISHost service. Nahh, not really…I don’t have any complaints about LISHost service. I may disagree with Blake Carver about the future for public libraries (“may” is an understatement), but he runs one heck of a hosting service.

I see other library folks migrating to LISHost–and even more folks migrating to WordPress. I’m trying to remember the last time I saw a liblogger migrate away from WordPress… (well, except to move from a WordPress-hosted blog to a WordPress blog on their own domain).

Enough blather. For once, I’m up to date. Well, heck, my new(ish) computer is a Core2 Duo, so that’s fairly up to date also. And it’s maroon–that’s something not everybody can say.

Oh, I just noticed something else that makes me happy: “Uncategorized” is no longer tagged by default, so I don’t have to remember to unclick it. Nice.

Now, about tags…well, not this week, not on this blog.

4 Responses to “Getting up to date”

  1. Laura says:

    I just updated my other blog from I think WordPress1.5.something. I keep a little better up-to-date on <a href=”, but not much. I still don’t have tags. . . and I think there are a number of posts I never got around to categorizing after I moved from Blogger, in part because I don’t really like a lot of the categories but changing them seems like too much work. I love taxonomies, but clearly I wasn’t meant to create them.

  2. walt says:

    I don’t think I’m going to add tags–since, given categories, the only good reason for tags is to have a tag cloud. And, not being a terribly visual person (and given the amount of cruft already on this page), I wasn’t planning to add a tag cloud.

    Whereas, of course, PLN Highlights has a tag cloud and no real categories. Different blogs, different methods. I think the set of categories here is jumbled, but it works acceptably well…sort of like my mind: Jumbled, but it works acceptably well.

  3. Steve Lawson says:

    I use tags when I’m talking about something where I can use an agreed-upon tag that people might conceivably search for on Technorati, like a conference tag or the like.

  4. walt says:

    Another good use of tags. Now that they’re so easy in WP, maybe I’ll use them that way…if I’m in that kind of situation. Sez Mr. “Not Going to CiL, as usual.”