Better living through contest-oriented mail order

A Friday Funny of sorts:

OK, so I get Publishers’ Clearing House email–hey, at one point I actually found PCH to be a reasonable way to buy subscriptions, and this way I’m not spending $0.41 on the miniscule chance of Winning Big Bucks. (Or the 10 minutes it used to take to find the right stickers…)

I haven’t taken them up on any of the offers for online merchandise (sometimes subscriptions, more often not)–but I was impressed by two of the offers in today’s contest email:

  • Apocalypse – 20 Movies on 4 DVDs
  • Chilling Classics – 20 movies on 6 DVDs

Each of them just $4.99–per installment, with a mere four installments. I’m told this is 20% off PCH’s regular price.

Oh, plus shipping and handling, which looks to be $6.99 per set.

What a deal! They even show the boxes–which look remarkably similar to those put out by Mill Creek Entertainment, since I’m sure that’s what they are. (There’s also a set of 15 John Wayne movies–but those are in a tin box, so how can you make value comparisons?)

Here’s the thing: As noted in a previous post, Amazon now sells Mill Creek’s 50-movie packs for less than $20–sometimes much less than $20. And, of course, if you buy two of them (or one and almost anything else), shipping is free. To the best of my knowledge, nearly all of the movies in 20-packs come from larger packs (checking one of these two, one film out of 20 might not be in 50-packs or 100-packs). For that matter, Amazon itself sells one of these two packs for about $9, as it does some of the other 20-packs.

I’m not a great fan of supersizing meals–but somehow, given that the discs will be exactly the same quality whether in 50-packs or 20-packs, I can’t see paying more to get less (or, if you really just want the 20, paying more than twice as much because it’s warm and cuddly PCH instead of mean ol’ Amazon).

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