Public library blogs: Number of illustrations

Here’s one of two related metrics where I don’t believe it’s possible to draw any conclusions of any sort–the number of illustrations per blog. After all, many excellent blogs have no illustrations at all.

For the three-month period studied in Public Library Blogs: 252 Examples,  I counted a total of 4,691 illustrations in all. Here are the quintiles:

  • Q1: Most illustrations: From 24 to 814 illustrations.
    Average (mean): 73.4 illustrations
    Median: 42 illustrations
    Total: 3,670 illustrations, 78% of the total.
  • Q2: More illustrations: From nine to 22 illustrations.
    Average: 14.5 illustrations
    Median: 14 illustrations
    Total: 727 illustrations, 15.5% of the total.
  • Q3: Average number of illustrations: From two to eight illustrations.
    Average: 4.7 illustrations.
    Median: 5 illustrations.
    Total: 246 illustrations, 5.2% of the total.
  • Q4: Fewer illustrations: From zero to two illustrations.
    Average and Median: One illustration.
    Total: 48 illustrations, 1% of the total.

This one’s as close as you’re likely to get to a Pareto limit: 21.4% of the blogs had 80% of the illustrations.

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