Academic library blogs: Illustrations

Let’s wrap this up. (I’m delighted to see three sales of Academic Library Blogs: 231 Examples since I started these posts–but they’re really not sales pitches. I think it’s all the way up to twenty copies now. Woohoo!)

In the case of illustrations, the blogs in the survey have a fairly freakish pattern: To wit, of 3,662 illustrations used in all 231 blogs over the 92-day study period, more than half (1,975) were in one blog, leaving 1,687 or roughly seven per blog for all the others. The truly meaningless average (mean) is 15.9 illustrations per blog, but the median is all of one illustration.


  • Q1: Most illustrations: From 11 to 1,975 illustrations per blog.
    Average: 71.2 illustrations
    Median: 23.5 illustrations.
  • Q2: More illustrations: From four to 11 illustrations.
    Average: 6.6 illustrations
    Median: 6.0 illustrations.
  • Q3: Average number of illustrations: From zero to four.
    Average: 1.7 illustrations
    Median: 1.0.
  • Q4 and Q5: No illustrations.

And, since this is particularly uninteresting data, let’s finish off the set (well, also because I have a more substantive post coming up later this afternoon, if all goes well): Illustrations per post.

Overall, the average (an average of averages) is 0.39 illustrations per post, with a median of 0.10.

First three quintiles:

  • Q1: Most illustrations per post: 0.79 to 8.23
    Average: 1.36 illustrations per post.
    Median: 1.01.
  • Q2: More illustrations per post: 0.24 to 0.78
    Average: 0.48 illustrations per post.
    Median: 0.45.
  • Q3: Average number of illustrations per post: zero to 0.24
    Average: 0.11
    Median: 0.10

And that’s it.

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