Cites & Insights 8:3 available – the centenary issue

Cites & Insights 8:3 (March 2008) is now available.

This is the centenary issue–#100–a nice round number that I’m a little surprised to have achieved. Naturally, that milestone affects the issue–but not as you might expect.

The issue’s long–36 pages–and PDF as usual, although all but the last section (My Back Pages, always exclusively PDF) are also available in HTML form from the home page.

This issue includes:

2 Responses to “Cites & Insights 8:3 available – the centenary issue”

  1. John Dupuis says:

    Hi Walt,

    Congrats on reaching issue 100. I for one look forward to seeing that issue 425.

    Thanks for mentioning the My Job series. It’s a strange experience re-reading the essay after all these months. There’s hardly anything I’d put the same way today. For example, on privacy, I’d be much more nuanced. Perhaps from reading the OCLC Sharing, Privacy and Trust report I’m thinking now that we have to look at privacy from a point of view of having a kind of baseline level of privacy then a bunch of user-configurable options where some decrease privacy can be exchanged for some kind of increase in service. Essay-writers remorse, I guess.

    And I hope we don’t have to wait until 2017 until we run into each other at a conference!

  2. walt says:


    Well, yes, it would be nice to see you before 2017, but we can’t check up on your projections until then. (I seem to be doing one speech a year these days, which means one conference a year other than ALA & Midwinter. That could always change…)

    Privacy continues to be an issue. I still believe that librarians have a duty to make it clear just what the dangers are of giving up privacy–and, frankly, that clever engineering could provide most of the increases in services (are patrons clamoring for these services) with little loss of privacy. But what do I know?

    I dunno whether I’m hoping that C&I will last another 10 years from now. It seems like a long time…