Books, a quick update

My copy of Cites & Insights 6: 2006 arrived today.

It looks great. You can see a tiny version of the front cover in this post or an even tinier version at the bottom of the blog–but that doesn’t show you the spine and back, all part of an 11×17 3/4 whole. (Color rendition will always vary a bit from copy to copy. My copy is a bit more muted than what appears here, but still very nice.)

The inside of the book looks great, too.

I won’t make a pitch for you to buy it. The other post (linked just above) does as much of that as I’m inclined to. Other than the preface and the cover (my wife’s photography, my addition of type), I didn’t really do any new work on it, and it will be much easier to deal with in the future than the Velobound version. Someone’s already purchased one copy; that’s one more than I was counting on. Sure, it’s a reasonably-priced way to get my major Library 2.0 essays, the big liblog examination and a quarter million words of other great stuff, but that’s another story.

As to the forthcoming Academic Library Blogs: 231 Examples, just how forthcoming is it?

Well, both Lulu and CreateSpace sent messages either yesterday or today saying that the proof copy was produced and on its way. (I cheated for C&I 6: I approved it for open purchase without actually seeing a proof copy.) I’m guessing both will arrive while I’m at Midwinter or shortly thereafter. As soon as they do, and I do the usual cursory examination, I’ll post about it–and, of course, plan to publicize it in the February 2008 Cites & Insights when that finally gets written. (“When,” not “if.” My lassitude will cure itself sooner or later.)
(If you’re wondering, the wraparound cover for the new book is also from Ephesus, but not the library.)

Now to do last-minute chores (for PLN and around home) tomorrow, pack, and get up way too early to fly off to Philadelphia Friday morning. See some of you there, I’m sure…

2 Responses to “Books, a quick update”

  1. Mark says:

    Walt, not that it matters at all but if Lulu’s numbers are correct then that would be me. I ordered a copy of C&I 6 and C&I 7 on Jan 1st.

    Can’t say why for sure other than it seems right to do what I can to support your efforts that I have been appreciating for several years now. Sure, I have all of the issues (pdf) on my hard drive and can have a look whenever I like, but I rarely print them. So now I’ll have print copies, too, and if I happen to ever find the index lacking then I can do a full-text search on any set of the issues I choose. 😉

    I guess my purchase is just my way to say “Thank you!” for the hard work you do; whether or not it comes naturally.

    So, Thank you!

    Enjoy yourself in Philly. I sure wish I was going but hard decisions had to be made early in the year about conferences.

  2. walt says:

    [I replied to Mark directly, but…]

    Yes, it must be you: The order date(s) match.

    I do appreciate the support, although I’m not trying to push these bound volumes on anyone. (Well, I could say: $29.50 gets you a great 11×18 picture of the Golden Gate Bridge–and a year’s worth of C&I thrown in for free!, but since color values on covers can and do vary, that’s misleading. It is a great picture, though…) And volume 6 does have a number of essays long enough to read better in print, in my opinion…

    I toyed with the idea of making the volume indexes “added value” when there are print versions–that is, removing them from the site. So far, I haven’t done that. For volume 8? We’ll see.

    In any case, you’re welcome–and I’m sure it will come naturally again, real soon now, when things are a bit less askew. I’ve given up any hope of writing anything prior to Midwinter, but it’s only 19 hours before I need to be at the airport, so that’s not a big loss.