C&I Volume 7: Buy the book!

Cites & Insights 7, 2007

Appreciate Cites & Insights? Want to support it? Why not pick up this year’s issues in a single, convenient, indexed, perfect-bound package?

Cites & Insights Volume 7, 2007 is available now, for $35 plus shipping, only from Lulu. (Amazon/CreateSpace doesn’t do full 8.5×11 books, so it’s not feasible to do a duplicate edition there.)

It’s a 405-page volume including everything you’ll find at the website–but also something you won’t find there: The 38-page phantom issue, Cites on a Plane, which was only available for ten days in January 2007, right around Midwinter. I believe it’s on bright white book paper, so it should read very well.

Oh, and as a bonus you get two library pictures–one from Alaska covering about half of the front cover, one from Hawaii covering the whole back cover.

I’d be delighted to autograph this or any of my other books during Midwinter, if you want them defaced. Chances are, I’ll be at the PALINET booth for some stretches, but I don’t know when–and, of course, I’ll be focusing on the PALINET Leadership Network then, but you can come look at the network and get a book signed.

As noted earlier, I’d consider putting out book versions of (some) earlier volumes if there’s some demand for them, probably with a bonus essay in each volume. I’m not sure it’s feasible to do volumes of the pre-2005 volumes (there may be a PDF issue), but…

2 Responses to “C&I Volume 7: Buy the book!”

  1. To my fellowing Walt readers:

    The front cover isn’t merely from Alaska, it’s from an Alaskan library. It’s on the wall of the parking structure whose top floor is the downtown branch of the Juneau Public Library.


    Thanks for the free AK publicity!

  2. walt says:


    Indeed it is–and labeled as such on the cover itself. (My wife took pictures of that wall sculpture on two different cruises; the second one, used here, came out better. It dates from 2006, I think.) We’ll be back next May/June–twice (on a Vancouver/Seward/Vancouver roundtrip)–and chances are she’ll try for an even better shot.

    Anyone who visits Juneau really should visit the library. It couldn’t be more convenient to the cruise ship portion of the port, and the views from the library are spectacular.

    And the back cover is the banner for the Molokai Public Library (in Hawaii)–taken quite a few years ago, when we spent a week on Molokai.