The job: Director & Managing Editor, PALINET Leadership Network

Here’s the press release:

Walt Crawford Named Director & Managing Editor of PALINET Leadership Network

Philadelphia, PA, October 2, 2007 — PALINET is pleased to announce the appointment of Walt Crawford as Director and Managing Editor for the PALINET Leadership Network. Crawford is an internationally recognized writer and speaker on libraries, technology, policy, and media, and the creator, writer and publisher of Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large, an ejournal on the intersections of libraries, policy, technology, and media published monthly since 2001. He also maintains a blog on these and other issues, Walt at Random. He was recently listed as one of the 31 most frequently-cited authors in library literature 1994-2004 (the only American writer on that list outside academic libraries.) Cathy Wilt, PALINET’s Executive Director, comments: “We are thrilled to have Walt direct the development of this library leadership community of practice. The PALINET Leadership Network and PALINET members will certainly benefit from his substantial experience, not to mention his editorial wit and wisdom.”

About the PALINET Leadership Network

Currently in beta release, the PALINET Leadership Network is an innovative online member service for library leaders designed to create a community of practice by sharing informative articles, forums on current issues, and collaborative discussions on cutting-edge topics. Designed as a wiki platform, the PALINET Leadership Network provides the latest innovations and most current leadership information in the library arena and beyond. It is an ideal vehicle for staying current with literature, blogs, and other leadership conversations, as well as a critical tool for mentoring staff.


PALINET, a member-owned and governed regional library network, was founded in 1936 and is one of the largest U.S. networks, serving 600+ members throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. PALINET provides innovative training opportunities through its classroom and online distance education programs and live events and discounts on hundreds of library services from more than 80 business partners through its group purchasing program. For the latest information on PALINET, visit

20 Responses to “The job: Director & Managing Editor, PALINET Leadership Network”

  1. Rock on! Sounds absolutely perfect for you.

  2. Hey neat, congratulations Walt!

  3. walt says:

    Thanks. I do believe it will be a win:win situation.

  4. Mark says:

    Congrats, Walt! Does sound like a win:win.

  5. Congratulations! This sounds like a great opportunity. And will hopefully pound the final nail into the coffin of the idea that you are some kind of Luddite just because you don’t automatically adopt every single technology the instant someone brings out a pre-alpha release!

    Best of luck in your new work!

  6. Congratulations, Walt! That sounds like a swell job for you!

  7. Ruth Ellen says:

    Feel silly chiming in with another “Congratulations” and another “sounds like a great match,” but wanted to say so, anyway. So, Mazl Tov, sounds like a perfect match.

  8. walt says:

    Thanks all…

  9. Congratulations! Now we have a real-life connection, as one of my friends and librarian colleagues from a former job works for PALINET.

  10. Oh congrats Walt. I hope you’ll mix work and this blog a bit, as I’d love to hear of some of the things you are doing in this tailor made position. Or maybe a blog devoted to the professional adventures of Walt at palinet….anyhow…would love to keep up with your thoughts as the Leadership network develops.

  11. Michelle says:

    Congratulations Walt, that sounds like a dream job. Can’t wait to see what you and Palinet come up with for us out in the field.

  12. rochelle says:

    Mad props to Palinet for scooping you up! As long as it doesn’t take you too much away from the LSW kaffe klatch, we’re very happy for you.

  13. John Miedema says:

    Congratulations Walt. Sounds like a great match. Best wishes.

  14. Awesome! Way to go, Walt. You’ll need to share what you do in your new job – it sounds veeeerrryy interesting!

  15. walt says:

    Well, PALINET certainly knows I have a blog, and I’ve never attempted to maintain a brick wall between my work life and my professional life. That’s especially true with a position that draws on my writing and editing. So I’d imagine that I’ll be blogging about work to the extent that it makes sense for all concerned. Whether that’s here or elsewhere…too early to say, but I’m generally not inclined to start a new iteration of something when an existing one works well.

  16. Angel says:

    Congratulations and best of luck on the new job.

  17. T Scott says:

    What a great match! Sounds like something that you’ll really enjoy and you’ll certainly bring the kind of expertise, energy and experience that will make the Leadership Network a success. Within the Medical Library Association a major priority for this year is to do more experimenting with social networking tools to improve the way the association functions and involves its members. I suspect we’ll be looking to what you’ll be learning from developing this community of practice to help us move forward as well.

  18. It does sound like an ideal fit. And, you are returning to Online, all good news. I’m glad it all woked out before getting too stressful.

  19. Congratulations, Walt! I’m going to have to follow PALINET more closely…..

  20. walt says:

    Thanks all, and I won’t even attempt to respond to each one. (