A special thanks to Peggy Sullivan

I think it’s worth noting that the PALINET position discussed here didn’t just come to me–and I didn’t happen upon the job posting by scouring all available library jobsites.

A friend forwarded the job posting to me, with the thought that I might find it interesting.

Dr. Peggy Sullivan was ALA Executive Director when I was LITA President. A few years before that, she was ALA President. She was a pleasure to work with back then (when I was LITA President–when she was ALA President, I was a fledgling in the organization and exclusively associated with ISAD, the former name of LITA). She believes in what she does and believes in people. She’s had a distinguished career. I’m honored to call her a friend.

And, to be sure, as promised in a very early job-related posting, I’ll be sending her a complete autographed set of my books–past, present and future.

One Response to “A special thanks to Peggy Sullivan”

  1. Another aspect of Dr. Sullivan’s generosity of spirit is shown in her donation of the “Sullivan Award for Public Library Administrators Supporting Services to Children” given annually to an individual who has shown exceptional understanding and support of public library service to children while having general management/supervisory/ administrative responsibility that has included public library service to children in its scope.