Woohoo! I’m Number Eight!

This one’s just too…whatever…to pass up:

According to OEDb, the Online Education Database, this here blog ranks #8 in the list of “Top 25 Librarian Bloggers.”

Have to admit that’s the first time I’ve seen DMOZ’ listing of “librarian” blogs used as a primary source in quite some time…

Read the criteria before you start snorkling too hard. I agree with what you should be thinking (“That’s ridiculous!”): Far as I can tell, I’m somewhere around #25 to #60 (and that may be optimistic)–I may (or may not, considering how the job hunt is going) have influence, but it’s not primarily through this here blog.

Anyway, an honor is an honor. Woohoo.

5 Responses to “Woohoo! I’m Number Eight!”

  1. John Dupuis says:

    Woohoo! I’m number 13!

    It may be meaningless, but I’m enjoying it.

  2. walt says:

    Hey, John, I think your #13 is probably more meaningful than my #8–you don’t benefit from “driveby links” (that really should be to C&I) the way I do.

    And, hey, you actually have something to say.

    Anyway, didn’t say I wasn’t enjoying it. Just that it may be meaningless…

  3. WoW!ter says:


    But then again, C&I is really your voice. So whether it lands at C&I or WaR (horrible acronym) it adds somehow into the vote.

  4. walt says:

    WoW!ter: Yes and no. If this was a study of “25 most widely read library people,” that makes sense (not that I claim such an honor, necessarily). Heck, I may be among the ten most widely *published* library people, particularly if books count extra…

    But C&I isn’t Walt at Random (or vice-versa). That’s the “no” part–it may be part of Walt Crawford’s voice (I’d like to think a more important part than this blog, but may be wrong there), but it’s a different part.

    I should note that John Dupuis posted an elegant discussion of the study and its faults at his own blog, after posting the first comment here…

  5. vonjobi says:

    i find it hard to believe that my blog is right after yours on the list, and ranks even higher than john’s. plus, aside from the dmoz thing, they used bloglines and ignored feedburner. but hey, recognition is still recognition =)

    incidentally, i don’t think my blog is on the list because of my library-related posts. filipino students looking for speeches to recite in class (“talumpati” in tagalog) are the ones responsible for the high alexa rating, and links to my posts on the filipina are driving the technorati rating. anyway, woohoo!