Returning to ONLINE Magazine: Another upbeat announcement

I am delighted to announce that I’m returning to ONLINE Magazine in 2008, with a new column, “Crawford at Large.”

One of the many bright spots arising from my public job search was that Marydee Ojala got in touch and we discussed whether it would make sense to return. We’d agreed to drop “PC Monitor” at the end of 2006 because I couldn’t come up with six worthwhile PC-related topics a year to write about–in 2007, it felt like writing a “Modem Monitor” column: Maybe interesting at one point, but past its sell-by date.

The new column will cover a range of topics relating to the intersections of libraries, media, policy and technology. If you hear an echo, that’s partly right: In some cases, the new columns will be partially based on previous material from CItes & Insights, updated, further synthesized, and cleaned up to offer coherent 2,000-word standalone pieces. (ONLINE‘s columns are typically three pages.) For example, the first column is mostly new, but roughly a third comes from a three-year-old C&I discussion that’s specifically relevant to the new situation. In other cases, the material will be entirely new. In all cases, I intend to craft interesting stories that help to move the field forward.

I’m delighted to return to ONLINE. It’s been a leading magazine in the field for many years (the current volume is volume 31!) and Marydee is an excellent editor. (So, of course, is Michelle Manafy at EContent Magazine, where I continue to write the “disContent” column in alternate issues.)

[In case there’s any confusion: No, this isn’t the new core position. You’ll hear about that later…]

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  1. And, needless to say, I’m delighted to have Walt back as a columnist!

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