Cites & Insights 7:11 available

Cites & Insights 7:11 (October 2007) is now available.

The 30-page issue (PDF as usual, but HTML separates of each essay are also available) includes:

4 Responses to “Cites & Insights 7:11 available”

  1. Do I want to know who stabbed whom on the “Forum”?

  2. walt says:

    I have no response here; I may be missing the reference?

    Postscript: I was indeed…missing my own words in the Library Access to Scholarship article.

  3. Steve Lawson says:

    Must be this, from p. 10: “And one item under ‘Forum’ is testament to the fratricidal instincts of some OA leaders, unfortunately but also unsurprisingly.”

  4. walt says:

    Yes, it was, as Dorothea pointed out in email. Actually, the heading is “Forums” with a single post underneath–and it was the usual suspect, who I’ve named more than often enough in C&I.