Maybe real topics next month

I just realized that it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about much of anything except the new book and the addition of new sales channels–unless you count the old movie reviews.

My apologies. Not that there haven’t been plenty of interesting, even provocative posts out there. I’ve commented on a few and thought about commenting on several more. I’ve considered and rejected several posts here. Heck, one or two of the threads even hark back to previous issues of Cites & Insights directly or indirectly.

August has been a strange and difficult month for a number of reasons.

I’m hoping September will be better. I think September will be better. Except that I won’t publish a book in September (unless you count Amazon’s official publication dates, in which case I’ll publish two of them!).

Of course, this blog bears the name it does for a reason–and my original “goal” was to do a couple of posts a week for a while to see if it was worth doing. Somewhere along the line I picked up a medium-sized audience and gratifying number of links. Heck, Technorati seems to think I have an “authority” of 125 (whatever that might mean) and, right at the moment, I’m close to breaking into the top 40,000 for a day or two…

So, well, random it is, all the more so when I’m juggling completion of one book, starting another one, starting up a new column in an old and beloved venue, starting in on the next C&I…and thinking about aspects of the future at the same time.

Friday. Time for the last long weekend of [U.S.] summer. Enjoy.

2 Responses to “Maybe real topics next month”

  1. Dorothea says:

    I believe Technorati’s “authority” number is simply the number of distinct blogs that have linked to you in the last six months.

  2. walt says:

    OK, so “(whatever that means)” was more obscure than it should have been. The Authority number is based on the number of distinct blogs over some period–but given the growth of splogs and various other garbage, I question the meaningfulness of the figure. Even “popularity” becomes more questionable as the number of essentially useless links increases.

    Thing is, this blog is just popular enough to be the beneficiary of this nonsense–I’m guessing being in the top 50,000 is now enough to set the sploggers to work, although not as assiduously as if you’re in the top 10,000 or whatever. If you look at my Technorati result, a significant number of the most recent links are splogs–blogs with no original content but lots of ad links.

    Clarification: I just checked Technorati. Only one of the links on the first page is a splog, but four or five on the next three pages fall into a similar category–entire posts reposted, with no original content and no apparent reason for being.