Surveying the state of liblogs

In the summer of 2005, Meredith Farkas put together a pioneering survey for librarians who blog. She reported the results here. At about the same time, I did a major piece on a few dozen high-profile liblogs.

It’s been two years. In the meantime, I did a much larger piece on a much larger chunk of liblogs–the “Great Middle,” as I called it. And, of course, liblogging continued to grow.

Meredith’s doing a new and better version of her 2005 survey. I’m not going to point you to the survey, because I think you should read her post first,

Go. Read the post. Then take the survey…assuming you blog, that is.

Disclosure: Meredith Farkas asked me and several other people to take a quick look at the survey before she announced it yesterday. I thought it was fine, and said so.

Am I planning a followup to either or both of the studies I did (neither of which “competes” with Meredith Farkas’ work at all, since we’re looking at different dimensions of blogging)? Yes. When? “Later”–depending on a whole bunch of things. What will it be? I think I know, and I’ll tell you when I’m sure.

Meanwhile, go read Meredith’s post and take the survey.

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