Summer doldrums?

Well, at least it’s not just me.

Mark Lindner’s feeling unbalanced and out of sorts.

Dorothea Salo’s on the quiet side.

I seem to remember others, but don’t remember just where right at the moment.

July can be like that–especially if, for whatever reason, you haven’t had a real vacation in a while and don’t have one on the horizon. ALA Annual, let it be said, is not a vacation.

What I’m going to do about it–since taking a real vacation still isn’t in the cards:

  • Take a day or two off next week, probably to start on my next book but maybe just to relax and read.
  • Not make any hasty negative decisions about future directions and current projects, although positive ones would still be appropriate.
  • Relax. This too shall pass.

At least it’s not a writing block. Actually, most of the content of the August C&I is already written; it just needs lots of editing. It’s likely to be another odd summer issue.

The next book? I’ll tell you more when it starts to come together. Assuming that energy doesn’t drain even more.

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