A quick apology

I’ll try to remember to cover this in an eventual Followup, but I’m awful on doing Followup sections…

I effectively misquoted Dorothea Salo in the current Cites & Insights by omitting a few words from a post, before criticizing that post.

Dorothea said “I’m not sure what it says about the personality of our profession that many of us revere this man when that same repellent condescension crisscrosses every bit of his written output I’ve ever seen.”

I left out “I’ve ever seen.” It was accidental but unfortunate.

2 Responses to “A quick apology”

  1. No worries. You really didn’t have to waste a whole post on this!

  2. walt says:

    Well, it wasn’t much of a post–not even long enough for WordPress’ paragraph-swallowing feature to creep in. And when I looked back at your post, I realized that I really had inadvertently left out the qualifier…