Getting your fifteen minutes

Woohoo! I’m in the top 45,000 Technorati rankings!

Probably for about a day. I may have been there for an hour or two earlier in the week.

No, I don’t check Technorati daily. But when the blog dashboard shows some inbound links I wasn’t expecting and I check them out (hi Heather Coates!), I sometimes click on the “more” link, which brings up a Technorati search.

Lately this blog has been in the top 50,000–I’ve been blogging a bit more than usual and on topics that drew a fair number of links (OK, one topic in particular, and you have no idea how much I really appreciate it). Most of the time, I think W.a.r. sits somewhere in the top 150,000–which seems about right.

Noting Steven M. Cohen’s million-pageview month, I looked at that number for this blog 5/2-6/2 (it’s not a number I normally check; “average sessions per day” is my usual benchmark, typically around 1,600 on weekdays). Hmm. 85,100 for the period: About one-twelfth of Library Stuff’s audience. That also sounds about right.

Since all these numbers are a bit iffy anyway (given the effects of aggregators, spiders, and other stuff), I have a simple answer to how many people actually read this blog: “Enough, but more are always welcome.”

3 Responses to “Getting your fifteen minutes”

  1. I have never been able to find my ranking on Technorati because I have never been able to claim my blog. No matter how many times I submit it or how many times I contact them, I just can’t seem to do anything with Technorati.

  2. walt says:

    I was wondering why I couldn’t actually get a Technorati ranking for LS. Could it have anything to do with several other blogs also named Library Stuff?

  3. walt says:

    I was mistaken. This blog has stayed in the top 45,000 Technorati rankings (just barely) since 6/3, as far as I can tell, at least through today. Woohoo! (That and $2.50 will buy a decent cup of ordinary coffee at most inexpensive restaurants…)