Cites on a Plane 2: This Time It’s For Keeps

In plenty of time for ALA Annual–but also for those of you not going to DC in a few weeks, Cites on a Plane 2: This Time It’s for Keeps is now available for downloading.

This 44-page issue is Cites & Insights 7:7, Mid-June 2007. (The seventh issue of the seventh volume: A lucky issue?)

Like COAP, COAP2 is much larger than a regular issue and is largely composed of old material.

Unlike COAP, COAP2:

  • Includes a fair amount of new material, something like 35-40% of the issue.
  • Will stick around permanently (or as permanently as C&I itself)
  • Has a single theme!

Indeed, it’s a “conference issue”–all about Conferences & Speaking.

After a brief introduction, the issue includes four sections:

  • Coping with Conferences
  • State Conferences and Others
  • The Speaking Life
  • Conference-Speaker Arrangements

There is an HTML version available from the home page–but please do not print out the HTML version in full, as it will use a lot more paper (58 pages as compared to 44 pages for the PDF, in an informal FireFox print-preview test).

12 Responses to “Cites on a Plane 2: This Time It’s For Keeps”

  1. Laura says:

    Walt, you’re saving the trees fourteen pages at a time. (But then, people around here look at me funny when I take my own bags to the grocery store.) Anyway, rest assured, if it gets printed, it will be in the PDF version. After all, it’s prettier!

  2. Fiona says:

    Thanks so much for your comprehensive wrap-up and analysis of all those issues about speaking – I plan to reference it in an article I’m working on. Great timing 😀

  3. Peter Murray says:

    (Said with the tone of an covertly threatening movie trailer voice-over): “He’s Back, and This Time It Is For Keeps. It’sCites On A Plane!

    Cut to a shot of Samuel L. Jackson:

  4. Peter Murray says:

    Perhaps I can’t embed images into comments?

    Maybe a link to the photo mashup?

  5. walt says:

    Wow. Peter, I’m impressed. (I’m guessing WordPress won’t let you embed an image; the link works fine.) I think “This time it’s for keeps” pushes the movie metaphors about as far as I’m willing to go. The track record for third movies in series is so wildly mixed…I’d have to use “Cites on a Plane 3: Running It Into the Ground,” and that may not be a good subtitle for something that gets read on an airplane.

    Fiona: You’re welcome–although it’s hardly comprehensive. I wanted to add a section on unconferences and the like, and maybe a quick writeup of alternative learning models (focusing on Five Weeks), but when the first cut ran 51 pages I just gave up.

    Laura: I figure the HTML works for people who don’t want to print it out; I only include warnings in cases like this, where there’s really only one overall essay.

    People look at you funny? We’ve been taking our own bags for grocery shopping for years–and that’s even a tie-in to the issue, since what we use are canvas bags I’ve received at various state conferences and the like, when such conferences give away canvas bags rather than vinyl carriers. So Safeway baggers are familiar with Access’99, Texas Library Association, one of the LITA National Conferences, and four or five others…and around here, there are moves to require reusable bags or at least make it expensive not to use them.

  6. Laura says:

    The grocery store I use has just started selling reusable bags, so perhaps it will become a more common practice around here, but I’m not holding my breath–there are, after all–some cultural differences between Wyoming and northern California.

  7. Peter Murray says:

    I dunno, Walt. Hollywood seems to be doing pretty well with sequels. How many millions did Superman 3 rake in a few weeks ago? 🙂

  8. walt says:

    You mean Spiderman 3, don’t you? There’s also Shrek 3…

    There’s also another 3, but given the review it got locally and given that we never watched 2 in that series, I won’t mention it.

    This one’s strange, though: COAP was really done as a little joke. I never expected to see 200 downloads, much less 2,000, since it really wasn’t carefully-selected “best of” essays (it was more “least widely read” essays, which might be less widely read for good reason!).

    The followup was natural enough because there was so much new stuff to be said about speaking and conferences–and the COAP format let me put it in context with huge swaths of repeat material.

    So the question really is, what would I do for a threepeat? I’m not ruling out the possibility. On the other hand, if you look at whole issue count and consider how many issues are left this year, there’s another special of sorts due early next year… Maybe the New Gig Centennial? If, of course, there’s a new gig by then.

  9. Peter Murray says:

    Yes — Spiderman 3 was what I was thinking of.

    Writing about the new gig (when you get the new gig) would be appropriate, if you have had time to settle in. I don’t know how time intensive it was to do the “Balanced Libraries” book, but you might try something equivalent (just smaller) — take a topic and collect a representative sample of blog postings…

  10. walt says:

    Hmm. Well, I’d say there’s a lot more to Balanced Libraries than just collecting a sample of blog posts, but I know what you mean. That book? Well, it’s going to be a while before I can claim $2/hour compensation for the writing time…but I did it as time permitted.

    Maybe something about the new gig might make sense…if there is anything that can properly be characterized as a new gig. We shall see…

    The “second epub” I’ve been pondering would very much be based on a more focused approach to synthesizing the informal literature in a specific area. And that’s probably as much as I should say right now, unless you’re a publisher anxious to form a working relationship! (“You” being anyone reading this post; I don’t think OhioLINK is in that position.)

  11. Peter Murray says:

    My apologies, Walt. “analysis of change in libraries synthesized from Walt’s own observations and that of the library blogosphere” would have been more accurate (if also longer).

    And you’re right…OhioLINK isn’t in the position of publisher — especially for those dusty old book things. 😉

  12. walt says:

    No apology required. I just couldn’t help poking a bit. Gets me in trouble, but keeps life interesting.