Foxit Reader: Cleaning up loose ends

A long time ago, I wrote about Foxit Reader as an alternative to Acrobat Reader (at the time–now Adobe Reader). It was/is free. It was/is small. It was/is fast. But it was, when I first tested it, not successful at rendering Cites & Insights accurately. I said so in the post.

Some time later, Foxit released an update. I tested it and it seemed to be close enough–but by that time, Adobe Reader had solved its startup speed problems. I noted both in a comment on the post. But maybe I should have highlighted the fix in a post (I’ve had mail from Foxit sitting in my Gmail inbox for a long time, and I don’t leave things in the inbox…).

So: If you’re looking for an alternative to Adobe Reader, you might give Foxit a try. With Reader 7, I’m no longer looking for such an alternative, so I haven’t been using Foxit–but this is to verify (a mere six months later) in a main post that the upgraded version did render C&I acceptably well.

Now to archive that mail…

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