Something’s coming…

Without breaking into West Side Story song (a great musical, but do you have any idea how hard Bernstein is to sing?), a head’s-up:

The book I’ve been threatening/promising is almost ready–this close.

It’s actually published, according to Lulu, but I’m the only one who can buy copies–until I get the first copy and make sure nothing’s too awfully wrong.

There’s also one bit of administrivia that needs to be settled, but I don’t doubt it will be.

Once both of those are done–with any luck, about a week from now–I’ll publicize it here and in the April issue of Cites & Insights (which won’t come out until the book’s available, unless there’s a big delay).

Hey, it’s the first book I’ve written in four years (unless you count the Library Technology Reports issue I did in 2005, and those are on the short side for books), and the longest book I’ve written in 15 years. Not that it’s all that long: just under 72,000 words (roughly 52,000 of them mine, 20,000 quoted from various blogs and posts and the like)–but my three ALA Editions books were all on the short side by contract.

What’s it about?

It’s about 247 pages.

Sorry. That’s true (252 print pages of which 247 are numbered; 6×9 trade paperback size), but probably not the answer you were looking for.

The rest of the answer needs to wait until I tell Lulu that anyone can buy it (for $21.50 plus shipping, which is I believe about $2.50 for USPS Media Mail). So, until next week…

2 Responses to “Something’s coming…”

  1. Peter Murray says:

    With a subject like that and the news of the week, I was expecting you to announce that you had bought SirsiDynix from the investment company and was going to revive Horizon. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the book and hear about your self-publishing experience…

  2. walt says:

    Would you believe ALIS? Or maybe EMILS/3000?

    Maybe not…