Most Cited Authors in Library Literature: A little polite bragging

Marcus Elmore alerted me to this:

The March 2007 College & Research Libraries includes an article by Kelly Blessinger and Michele Frasier, “Analysis of a Decade in Library Literature: 1994-2004.”

That article includes a table of the most frequently cited personal authors, ranked from 1 through 28 (but there are 32 authors on the list, thanks to ties), apparently choosing 50 citations as a cutoff.

I’m number 27, with 53 citations to 29 items.

Not quite up there with Birger Hjorland (#1, with 165 citations), but still…I’m honored.

2 Responses to “Most Cited Authors in Library Literature: A little polite bragging”

  1. Eric says:

    Walt, well done, well deserved!

  2. walt says:


    [I’d originally sent a note to a handful of people at OCLC and the OCLC RLG Service Center–Lorcan Dempsey, George Needham, Bruce Crocco, David Richards–and my wife, then realized that excess humility is, indeed, excess.]