Minor milestones (or not)

Milestones are always fun. I have two big ones coming up, one personal and one for the blog. There’s a third, also for the blog, but it’s pretty minor and just a little indeterminate.

The major non-blog one: My next book. With luck, today [I’m waiting for the test copy to arrive]. I anticipate publishing the April Cites & Insights as soon as the book arrives and looks OK, so with luck that all happens this evening. With bad luck…well, I won’t go there.

The major blog one: Two years. That’s a week from Sunday. I’m sure I’ll come up with some suitable hunk’o’narcissism/recursive blogging.

Then there’s the minor one: Five hundred posts. If you’d asked a year ago, I’d have said the two-year mark should come before the 500-post mark. If you’d asked a month ago, I’d have said I’d probably set up posts so that the two-year post is the 500th post.

The best-laid plans of mice and men…or, more simply, whoops. The only way to achieve simultaneity at this point would be to postpone the book for nine days or so, since I’m committed to putting up 16 stub posts (for comments) right around the time I make the book available . I sincerely hope it’s not another nine days; my nerves would be twitching.

So I doubt there will be a formal 500th post. Chances are, it will just happen.

If you link to posts here, you might say “but you already have 500 posts“, with fiveblogs being the 500th. Sure enough, that’s the URL–https://walt.lishost.org/?p=500.

My answer: Funny numbers. That post was actually the 494th or 495th post. Apparently I thought better of five or six posts, preparing drafts and discarding them, or somehow otherwise losing numbers.

What’s nice: this blog is still averaging better than three comments per post (1702 comments as of this writing). I don’t troll for comments, no matter how it might seem–well, except in a couple of special cases and the 16 stub posts. I think that count excludes the two or three comments that I’ve deleted after they managed to make their way past safeguards.

Looking for significance? Move along, move along; this was just a coffee-break bit of recursion.

4 Responses to “Minor milestones (or not)”

  1. Steve Lawson says:

    I may just re-christen my blog “hunk’o’narcissism.”

  2. walt says:

    Always happy to help (although I don’t think you qualify).

  3. Steve Lawson says:

    You don’t think I’m a hunk? 🙁

  4. walt says:

    Hmm. My three-meter pole’s gone missing again. So I’ll have to leave that line alone.