Kid lit bloggers have more fun

With a tip of the hat to A Fuse #8 Production, I send you here for the best comment I’ve seen on a particular “controversy.”

And you gotta love Fuse’s labels, particularly the first one (Metaphorical Scrotums). Which, to be sure, sent me to look for the proper plural form; Merriam-Webster Online gives “scrota” first but “scrotums” as an alternative, so Fuse as usual gets full approval. (Yes, Wiktionary shows up first at Ask–but I trust M-W for the usual reasons.)

OK, here’s a bizarre one: “plural of scrotum” as a Google search. The first result is from Google Book Search; clicking on that yields 232 results…and a context-sensitive ad that I won’t mention here.

2 Responses to “Kid lit bloggers have more fun”

  1. Fuse #8 says:

    The plural of scrotum did indeed throw me for a loop at the beginning of the debate. For one thing, my spellcheck doesn’t recognize “scrotums” but seemed even less happy with “scrota”, “scroti”, or “scrotumi” (though the last would only apply in a perfect world). Thus we are stuck with “scrotums”, a phrase worthy of a t-shirt in and of itself.

  2. walt says:

    “Thus we are stuck with scrotums” does indeed seem t-shirt worthy. Go for it!