WorldCat Identities

I got a sneak preview of this a little while back, and now Thom Hickey’s writing about it in Outgoing, his blog, so I guess it’s OK for me to mention it.

I thought it was fascinating when I first saw it–not only fascinating but useful. That impression hasn’t changed.

You really should read Thom’s post and try it out for yourself. It has a summary page for each person in WorldCat–and for some animals and fictional characters as well. The summary page can be surprising and revealing. (OK, Thom, where did that review of First Have Something to Say come from? It’s not in…)

Checking Terry Pratchett, I see I’m even more woefully behind on the Discworld books than I thought, and am reminded of how many other books he’s written–and I got there from Neil Gaiman (I loved Good Omens–what can I say?), who’s no slouch either.

Good stuff. What more to say?

One Response to “WorldCat Identities”

  1. Andy Barnett says:

    I see on worldcat identities, that they have scrambled my one work into a combined listing with at least two other people. Only as good as their cataloging and authority files, which in this case are lacking.