Immigrants want to party like it’s 1950?

If you listen to public radio and your station carries the California Report, you may have heard this already. Otherwise…

I’m not providing the link for what should be obvious reasons, but there’s a charming website that fingers companies suspected of hiring illegal aliens.

Want to smear a company or individual? The site accepts anonymous accusations. You just have to make a case that the host considers plausible, and it sounds like the bar is pretty low. You know, someone who looks Mexican and doesn’t speak perfect English and can’t instantly produce a Social Security card…if it walks like an illegal alien and talks like an illegal alien, well…

Here’s the really charming part: To get a company or employer name removed from the site, the host requires absolute proof that there are no illegal aliens, and suggests hiring a private detective agency to do a full internal audit.

In other words, you’re guilty until proven innocent, and the basis for accusation is “sounds plausible to me,” while the basis for innocence is [expensive] proof. Of course, you can always sue the host, if you have a few tens of thousands of dollars handy, since it would have to be a slander-style suit, difficult to win in the U.S. (and the host could always claim that they’re just offering a site, ol’ Anonymous actually provided the content…so go sue Anonymous)

I wonder whether the host has a handy sheet of paper lising 205 vile employers engaged in unamerican hiring, or maybe 57, or maybe… [Oh, go look it up.]

No, I’m not calling for the site to be shut down. Just don’t ask me to shake hands with anyone involved with the site; they don’t make soap strong enough.

3 Responses to “Immigrants want to party like it’s 1950?”

  1. simon says:

    heh… that’s the theme here! 1950’s Aliens Attack!

  2. Matthew says:

    I hire undocumented aliens. I’m not a big business I just need some work done around the house.

    I believe everyone has a moral right to work to support themselves and their family, so if I find some people at the corner store who want to make a few bucks painting, or cleaning, or doing yard work then I will hire them. Sorry moral law trumps civil law on this one.

    Please feel free to add me to the list.

  3. Matthew says:

    Great news. I found a restaurant nearby that is on the list. I think I’ll go there for lunch. I like places that encourage people to work to support themselves and their families.

    Lets hear it for working for a living! Everybody that can should.