Communities of Practice

I’m going through a worse than usual paucity of posting (blame the book–my notepad of post ideas is filling in), but I particularly wanted to point out this post over at BlogJunction.

There is a difference between common interests and common practice. One would hope that the first is a superset of the second–but I suppose there are practitioners who’ve lost interest in what they practice.

I’m interested in public libraries, but I’m not a public librarian. I can talk about ways to measure success in a public library initiative–but it’s a little abstract. If you’re part of the CoP, it’s real–giving you a richer, if sometimes narrower, perspective.

I’ve just started thinking about this. I note it because I was struck by the notion–and because I’m guessing that there may be W.a.R. readers who don’t read BlogJunction. In which case, I suggest you make an exception.

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