A little Friday afternoon posting

For some reason, I happened to be perusing past posts at the Other AL and ran across a comment cluster connected to the OCLC Bloggers Salon [one o, not two!] at Midwinter. You’ll find it down the page, right around here. Open the comments.

Now, having been at the Bloggers Salon (hey, there’s photographic evidence), I would comment:

  • What would possibly lead AL to believe that AL’s presence at the Salon would be frowned upon? Don’t say “politics”–I heard precious few political discussions, and most libloggers don’t let politics dominate their posts. AL falls into that “most” category, near as I can tell.
  • How would we know if AL was there, since AL’s been exceptionally good at pseudonymity?

Others who were there might respond to part of that first bullet by noting that I might not have heard most of what was being said. For a few minutes after the Laugh Heard ‘Round the World, I couldn’t hear anything out of the nearest ear…and the noise level in general, up until 10 pmish, was pretty ferocious.

A good time was had by all, or at least all I’m aware of. No fisticuffs. No stark confrontations (that I could hear). Given the competition (offering more free food and more scenic surroundings) Saturday night, a pretty good crowd.

4 Responses to “A little Friday afternoon posting”

  1. rochelle says:

    I’m regretful that I did not have great social mojo going on for this conference. I would loved to have stayed and talked to other folks at the Blogger salon, but that sort of environment is really difficult for me to be in. It got way overstimulated and couldn’t stay in the room that long. But, I did have some nice chats out in the hallway with folks I might not have met otherwise. Then I wimped out and went to bed early.

  2. walt says:

    The salon was crowded and noisy–really too crowded and noisy for my own preference, but I felt the need to hang in there. You may have made the right choice.

  3. Matthew says:

    I’ve never gone to the bloggers salon. Heck I hardly ever go to these ALA things. However all of the people I’ve met are if not at the other end of the political spectrum from me at least through ROY and closer to GBIV.

    They are still great people, and if I recall can hold their liquor and dance quite well.

  4. walt says:

    No dancing at these salons (at least none I’m aware of)–the floor’s a little too crowded and there’s no music. Lots of good conversation, though.