Cites & Insights news and status, if you care

Maybe this is just a way to assure there’s at least one post this week. Maybe not.

Regular readers of Cites & Insights know that I’ve put out extra Midwinter issues each of the last three years. (I did one in 2002 as well, but not 2003.)

The most recent of those issues–Library 2.0 and “Library 2.0”–was not only extra but special, and has an apparent readership four or five times as large as the typical Cites & Insights. The Midwinter 2004 issue was also fairly special (a “discursive glossary” that I’ve never had the courage and energy to revisit/update/expand, but should one of these days). The other two were mostly just extra issues.

I’ve heard from a number of people that they use the Midwinter issues as “plane reading.”

Here’s this year’s situation:

  1. There will not be a Midwinter issue per se–that is, Cites & Insights 7:2 will not appear before Midwinter. It will be the February issue and will probably appear just after Midwinter.
  2. There might be a “plane reading” issue–but if there is, it will not contain any new material. It would be a “Cites on a Plane” special…something that I hope some would find worth printing off for the trip to Seattle, but nothing new to regular readers. I’ll decide by tomorrow night whether to do this.
  3. If “Cites on a Plane” does come out, it will be an unnumbered temporary issue–that is, it will be available by this weekend, and will disappear shortly after Midwinter.

For most of you who’re going to Midwinter, the message here is: Don’t expect to see a new C&I.

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