Back from Midwinter

This isn’t a “Midwinter report” (and there may not be one), but a quick note:

COAP will disappear within 24 hours.

The next issue of C&I (prob. Wednesday) will include a note on COAP, with the total downloads. I already know it’s an absurd number.

Later. Newspapers to catch up on (and 600+ posts to skim through, which isn’t all that many for four days)

2 Responses to “Back from Midwinter”

  1. WoW!ter says:

    It was a great read though. Despite the fact that I have read all past issues of, say, the last two years. You just made an excellent selection.


  2. walt says:

    Thanks–although the selection was really based on two factors:

    a. Issues that had lower-than-average readership.

    b. Essays that weren’t specifically time-dependent.

    Oh, and

    c. Only one essay per issue.