I was checking Bloglines, and encountered this post at Grumpator. I’m not going to comment on the meat of the post (although I probably should: can I just say, appalling and saddening but not at all surprising, unfortunately).

But Grumpator also commented about comments–about moderating them, that is, and I was so struck by the list of reasons for deleting comments that I followed the link to John Scalzi’s whatever.

And can only say, “Me too,” except that I don’t moderate all comments–but have no particular qualms about deleting them. Scalzi’s list of reasons for offing a comment strike me as eloquent and just about right, and maybe I would add Grumpator’s little extra:

There may be some leeway if the comment is signed and I know you (and consequently know you’re full of shit), but Anonymous posts in particular are regarded with a great deal of suspicion.

Actually, I generally don’t knowingly allow anonymous posts under any circumstances. LISNews is plagued by anonymous cowards; W.a.r. doesn’t have to be. Traceable pseudonyms (Angel, for example) are just fine.

Note: Other than the usual spamment, I haven’t been having any particular trouble in this area of late, but now I have something to point to when/if problems do arise in the future.

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