Are you Bloglining this?

[Apologies, David, I couldn’t resist.]

If you read this post via Bloglines, could you let me know–either via comment or via email>

I don’t seem to be getting my own posts back in Bloglines, for two or three days now…and this might help tell me how general the problem is.


Update: Thanks for the fast responses; no further responses needed. There seems to be an intermittent issue…and a little research using another aggregator yields interesting results:

  • It’s not just me–that is, Walt at Random isn’t the only blog where I haven’t received posts since some time on Wednesday.
  • In my case, I’m in very good company: The two other examples are TameTheWeb Tame the Web and ShiftedLibrarianThe Shifted Librarian. But I’ve gotten more recent posts from several other blogs on the same host…
  • Skimming quickly through the alternate aggregator (installed a few months ago when Bloglines was acting up, with a copy of my Bloglines roll from back then), I’m surprised by how many of the subscriptions are moribund–which I’ll define, in this case, as “no posts since August 2006.” If I unsubbed all of those–which I might do at some point when I have nothing better to do (2012?)–I might well drop a hundred or more of the 400+ blogs I theoretically monitor. But, of course, it takes no time to monitor moribund blogs…

No promises here about “final post of the year.” We’re not that big on holidays, although we will get together with family on Monday, and continue a long-standing tradition with a dear friend on the following Monday…

11 Responses to “Are you Bloglining this?”

  1. walt says:

    OK, this is weird: As soon as I posted the above, Bloglines delivered the last five posts–which means it hadn’t delivered anything since December 20. Does it take using “Bloglines” in a post to get immediate feed recognition?

  2. Lazygal says:

    Not having any problems with a delay.

  3. Liz B says:

    Read it via bloglines just now.

  4. walt says:

    Thanks. It appears Bloglines is just a little flakey, but “just a little” is the operative word. See the update in the post itself…

  5. Phil Bradley says:

    Yup, appearing for me, plus another 4 posts appearing back to Dec20

  6. Meredith says:

    The same thing has been happening with lots of other people’s feeds in Bloglines too (including mine). It’s really annoying and is making me think about switching to Google Reader. But my switching doesn’t solve the problem of other people not being able to read our posts. 🙁 I wrote to Bloglines support about the problem about a month ago and it took them two weeks to get back to me (!!!). In the interim, ironically because I blogged about it, a Bloglines software engineer wrote to me privately and said they were working on the problem. It got better temporarily, but now it’s getting flakey again.

  7. Laura says:

    What’s odd is that I got the initial post in Bloglines, but I haven’t gotten any updated posts. Usually when someone updates a post (at least someone using WordPress), it reappears in Bloglines with the added information, but that didn’t happen in this case or in the case of another recent post of yours (at least I think it was yours–I’m getting over my end-of-the-semester head cold, and some things are a bit foggy).

  8. walt says:

    Well, heck, it’s the holidaze. I’ll wait for a week or two and see whether things improve.

  9. Aaron says:

    I, too, have noticed some odd Bloglines behavior of late, with other feeds, as well. Such oddities used to be accompanied by commentary of some sort from the folks in charge, but nothing recently.

  10. Jenny Levine says:

    Is running the words in a site’s title together a new naming convention for you, Walt? I ask because I don’t see you using that style on any other blog posts (e.g.,, so I’m wondering why you used it on mine. Just trying to figure out wording and consistency of language. TIA.

  11. walt says:

    Jenny: I could say it’s seasonal inconsistency, but fact is it’s inattention. I screwed up. Sorry.

    My style in C&I is to only use capitals in the first word (ditto in articles)–but here my style is supposed to be to use the name the way it appears on the blog (albeit usually leaving off initial articles and subtitles). I’m fixing it.