So not going to happen: A quick Friday post

So along with NaNoWriMo (Robin Williams lives on!), there’s NaBloPoMo, with much lower standards: You just have to write one post every day during November.

Not going to happen, at least not here, at least not intentionally (and a family matter now virtually assures that it won’t happen, period).

On the other hand, the continued spate of links to that actress (hey, she got paid, she’s happy) putting a weird face and snarky attitude on Live Search leads me to note that it could be worse…

What if, say, Yahoo! wanted to promote a snazzy new search engine, and the people designing the viral campaign website had academic library backgrounds. We could have (and no, I’m not putting up a prototype):

Elsie the search cow–with a four-legged avatar mooing until you enter a search term, then swishing her tail and chewing her cud as the results pop up…

[I don’t get two things: First, the claims that this actress is somehow stunningly beautiful and/or immodestly dressed; second, on a search-engine website, all the commenters who took it seriously!. Well, three things: Why MS would waste their money on this.]

One Response to “So not going to happen: A quick Friday post”

  1. Angel says:

    Well, the lady is attractive, but I would not say stunning. Then again, different strokes for different folks and all. Immodestly dressed? What the heck concept of modesty do those people have? She looked ok to me. Did I miss something? I did wonder why MS came up with it, since it looks more like something a couple of kids would make for giggles. And I like the Elsie the Cow idea, haha. Best, and keep on blogging.