The Firefox that didn’t bite

I installed Firefox 2.0 at work this morning and at home this afternoon.

Nothing happened.

This, in case it isn’t obvious, is Very Good News. My heavily-customized bookmarks toolbar (combining some Bloglines options and some Google Toolbar options) and somewhat-customized navigation toolbar were the same (except, I think, for changes in a couple of icons). My options settings were the same, with sensible options for the new features in 2.0.

The new version replaced the “old” one (, not exactly ancient) smoothly. The download was reasonably fast at work, very fast at home on our “slow DSL” (we’re too far from the nearest switching center for fast DSL).

I haven’t run into the phishing protection, but I’m pretty careful about suspicious email and the like, so there’s no reason I should.

I do have to get used to the fact that Bloglines now automatically opens posts in a second tab instead of a second window, but since Firefox warns you before letting you close more than one tab, it’s a painless learning process. Otherwise: No news is good news; this seems to be a clean upgrade.

The one oddity, as others have already noted: Firefox does not recognize Firefox 2 as an update. You have to go get it directly. Not hard to do…

Just another vote of confidence from one of the 20%. I’m guessing very few of us are in a hurry to rush back to IE, no matter how good IE7 is. A little diversity in the software arena can’t hurt.

Addendum 10/26: Didn’t bite, clearly an improvement. Subscribing to a feed is now one click faster than with the “Sub with Bloglines” bookmark-tool–and checking today’s gmail, I got a clever phishing attempt (something about finding a flickr photo by accident). I was 99% certain it was phony, particularly since “” was not the primary domain–but, given Firefox 2’s phishing protection, I thought I’d see what happened. Sure enough: Big bold warning message and “probable forgery” popped up. Good work, Firefox! (And, CW, thanks for adding your note.)

3 Responses to “The Firefox that didn’t bite”

  1. CW says:

    Yep, I’m pretty happy with FF2.0, too. Just waiting for Snappr (extension that lets you do screenshots) to be upgraded for 2.0… most other things seem to be working fine, and so far I’ve not been tempted to look at IE7. I’ll probably stop resisting and look at it soon, for work purposes, but for non-work purposes I’ll stick with FF.

  2. So far so good. When 2.0 installed, it announced it didn’t like my extension, but promptly offered to install the newest version.

    I was looking forward to Firefox 2.0 so that could try the new Zotero tool. I’ve played around with it a little bit. Nothing exciting to report yet other than it is easy to add things to Zotero. I’ve got a few ideas for bibliography and I’ll try to post how those things go.

    Try being the operative word. I seem to have too many interests and too little time these days.

  3. Thanks for testing it first 🙂 I’m ready to upgrade now. I’m sort of glad they didn’t do it as an automatic update — going to 1.5 broke everything and was a real hassle so I lost a bit of trust.