Firefox 2, part 3: Routing one-click feed subscriptions to Bloglines

David Rothman (the library David Rothman) explains it so well in this post that I have very little to add.

Except: Geez, I’m glad there are visually-oriented people who will put together instructions like that. I’m text-oriented and would find it difficult to do so–but I believe that many people will “get it” a whole lot faster from a post like Rothman’s. (As long as you don’t expect your Tools pull-down to look exactly like Rothman’s…chances are, yours will be shorter unless you have a lot of add-ins and extensions.)

Great stuff. Bloglines isn’t your only option. And nobody’s requiring you to call that orange thingy an “RSS subscription icon.” “Feed getter” works just fine for me.

Have I mentioned lately how impressed I am by quite a few libloggers? Not quite impressed enough to give up W.a.r. as a weak effort by comparison; fortunately, the field doesn’t work that way.

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