Cites & Insights 6:12 available

Cites & Insights 6:12, October 2006, is now available for downloading.

The 26-page issue (PDF as usual, but you can download HTML separates), which seems to have mostly long essays with long titles, includes:

  • Open Access Perspective, Part I: Pioneer OA Journals: The Arc of Enthusiasm, Five Years Later – If you’re aware of my 2001 study, Getting Past the Arc of Enthusiasm, you’ll know what this is about: Seeing how many early free scholarly ejournals made it through more than a decade of publishing.
  • Old Media/New Media: Books, Bookstores and Ebooks – Inaugurating a new section with various items on print books, bookstores (OK, mostly Cody’s), and ebooks.
  • Interesting & Peculiar Products – seven items, including good inexpensive keyboards (think name brand), cheap steganography, and the 25 worst tech products.
  • Open Access Perspective, Part II: Pioneer OA Journals: Preliminary Additions from DOAJ – How many other free scholarly ejournals have been around since 1995? This piece provides a preliminary answer to that question (maybe somewhere between 84 and 147, maybe not).
  • Offtopic Perspective: SciFi Classics 50 Movie Pack, Part 2 – 24 more flicks, from Pongo to Eegah, John Agar (& Zontar!) to Gamera, no-budget redneck nonsense to the sons of Hercules.

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