Bloglines improvements: Yabbut

I rely on Bloglines. There’s no way I could keep up with 400 (or so) blogs without it (or some equivalent web-based reader, since blog reading is partly during breaks at work, partly at home).

This morning, there are change. Maybe improvements. Mostly improvements. But…

Two basic changes:

  • As you read feeds, the overall number of unread messages changes instead of staying constant (with a little yellow highlight, briefly, each time it changes). All to the good: you have a better sense of how far you have left to go.
  • Your set of feeds with unread messages, and message counts, auto-refreshes…on a fairly frequent basis. (It may have always auto-refreshed, but so infrequently that I never noticed.)

That second change is probably all to the good in gneeral, but it could be a little unnerving if you’re catching up after a few days…I can just see getting the unread number down to, say, 200 and suddenly having it start moving up again as feeds are refreshed…

All in all, though, good changes.

One Response to “Bloglines improvements: Yabbut”

  1. CW says:

    I rely on Bloglines too, and I like the changes. What made it more exciting for me was the fact that Iwas using Bloglines when they made the changes live. One minute old Bloglines, next minute new. That was definitely unnerving!