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Cites & Insights 6:10 available

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Cites & Insights 6:10, August 2006 is now available for downloading–from, not

The 30-page issue consists almost entirely of one big essay:

* Perspective: Looking at Liblogs: The Great Middle – a look at 213 library-person weblogs.

There’s also one little piece:

* Bibs & Blather – three brief items.

While each piece is also available as an HTML separate from the Cites & Insights home page, please don’t download the big essay if you’re planning to print it: You’ll use 49 pages instead of 30.

There will be a separate September issue, probably in September.

Dipping tentatively into Wikipedia

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

So. I created a Wikipedia account (probably-unwisely using a fairly recognizable name) and made two Humongous Edits:

  • Changed the URL in the bibliography link to my “Library 2.0 and ‘Library 2.0′” issue so that it points to the new home for C&I. I may not be entirely happy with the current “summary” of my views on Library 2.0 as expressed in the article (it seems to be different each time I see it, but I don’t go there that often), but I didn’t change any text in the article. And probably won’t.
  • Added “for 2005-2006” to “President of the American Library Association” in the article on Michael Gorman, since he doesn’t hold that office any more. (I started by preceding “President” with “Past,” but since that’s also a one-year office…)

I don’t anticipate starting to do lots of Wikipedia articles or edits. I have other outlets. But I thought I’d get my feet…well, moist may be the right word.

(On a more personal note: There’s still a brief article on Walt Crawford in the German Wikipedia–and I just changed to URLs in that article. There’s no such article in the English version, and I think that’s appropriate…)

[Oops: The preview sure didn’t show me that missing close-href! Sorry ’bout that.]

Non-English Libloggers: If you happen to read this blog…

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

I can’t imagine why you would, but if you do, your English is clearly infinitely better than my other human languages. (Try as I might, and I’ve tried, I’m hopelessly monolingual, even though I’ve learned and written in quite a few different computer languages.)

I have kindly volunteers for most of the languages involved here (I’m not sure about Danish or Dutch). But if you happen to be the proprietor of one of these blogs, or know that person, or otherwise recognize some of the phrases below…well, I can use more than one opinion.

I could use responses within the next week; I’ve done the raw investigation (boy, have I done the raw investigation) and plan to write the article reasonably soon. Help will be credited…either add a comment or send me email at Please be sure to link your translation to the original.

Here’s the list, including blog names, taglines/mottos, one or two post titles, and sometimes post categories:


Ce weblog traite de sujets ayant trait aux sciences de l’information.

GoogleZon : scénario du possible.

La guerre du stockage en ligne

Carnet à propos du droit d’auteur, d’Internet etdes bibliothèques par Olivier Charbonneau.

Droit d’auteur et déficiences visuelles.

Bandes dessinées à propos du droit d’auteur.

Marlène’s corner–well, she volunteered, so I’ll rely on her translation!


Errances et flâneries au fil de mes représentations : un blog sur le monde de l’information et des bibliothèques.

Une autre histoire de bibliothèques..

Le jargon bibliothéconomique.

Zaphir et lest technologies de l’information

Blog sur les systèmes d’information documentaires, les nouveautés informatiques et d’autres curiosités.


Pause forcée!



Digitale Urkundenbilder.

Library Mistress’s Place

Für das eher derbe wienerische ‘schleich di’…”

medinfo weblog

Informationen aus Medizin, Bibliothek und Fachpresse.

Berufsprestige von Ärzten und Bibliothekaren.

Bibliotheken, Publikationswesen.

Text & Blog

Das Weblog von Markus Trapp.

CSS Tutorial in 10 Schritten.

artikel, literatur.

Swedish Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish [as noted by bloggers who speak the languages]

Bibliotekarens bibliotek

BÃ¥nn er lenger unna enn jeg trodde.


Bibliotekarie fokuserar på det man pysslar med på bibliotek, om det nu är informationssöknig, kommunikation eller omvärldsbevakning. För folk på bibliotek och andra. Biblioteket är där du är!

Dags att lägga av.


Den här bloggen var ursprungligen till för att beskriva och diskutera hur man kan arbeta med inköp på ett mindre folkbibliotek. Nu har innehållet breddats och bloggen handlar om allt som har anknytning till bibliotek.

Mattias Bolkéus Blom samlar på bibliotek

Föreläsare – jag?


en blogg där Malin och Åsa lagrar artiklar, notiser och företeelser om bibliotek i vid bemärkelse.

Vi har hört det förut och vi säger det igen.

Update: Nunnor vs. bibliotekarier.

Biblog – Bibliotek og IT

En pris til Biblog..

I disse kanontider….


Tips och trix om informationssökning, applikationer, social software, bloggar och andra roligheter.


En webblogg om bibliotekspedagogik.

Gymnasieelevers användning av Internet.

Informationskompetens och infärgning.

Helenes hengekøye

Spredte tanker om bibliotek, litteratur, teknologi og annet som opptar meg.

Nyttige sider om søkeverktøy.

4 år.

Svensk blogg om söktjänster och sökning på Internet.

Gary Price intervjuad i Library Journal och prisad av Mossberg.

Bläddra på Nätet i kulturtidskrifter med

Internetsöktjänster, Bloggar och bloggsökning.


Tips og nyheder for folk som bruger internettet meget til at finde information. Fx bibliotekarer, journalister, undervisere og studerende.

1-2 ugers pause.

Computerspil – også en del af internettet (del 4: Deltagerne og konklusion.


En blogg från några teknikbibliotekarier på Stockholms stadsbibliotek.

Vind för vÃ¥g – vilka är framtidens energikällor?

Jästbok (inte “gästbok”!).



Alt det nyeste om biblioteker og teknologi i Danmark og Internationalt.

Er bibliotekarerne gode nok til at søge?

XML og Da Vinci.


WoW! Wouter over het Web

Wow!ter. Blijf op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen op het Web of over veranderingen in het informatielandschap van bibliotheek en mediatheek.

Leuk doorkijkje naar de methoden van het Zembla team.




Bibliotecología y gestión de información.

phpCollab: gestión de proyectos online.

That’s it. If you send me your translation (please, no hoaxes!) within the next few days–let’s say by Sunday, August 6–I’ll credit you in the article unless you’d rather be anonymous.

A question, for whatever opinions people have: Why do the web translation engines (Babelfish and the Intertrans software) do such an awful job on these phrases? I’m guessing that there are three factors: 1. Blogs tend to be informal; 2 (related). Blogs tend to be idiomatic (I’m assuming other languages can be just as idiomatic as English); 3. Liblogs tend to have lots of library and internet jargon. Am I right? Comments?

Frederick G. Kilgour, RIP

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Dr. Kilgour, founder of OCLC (among other things), died yesterday. The obituary is here (that page also has a link to a forum where people can leave their own observations).

I was barely acquainted with Dr. Kilgour (and certainly never knew him nearly well enough to dream of calling him “Fred”). I’m part of the second generation of library automation; Dr. Kilgour was part of the first generation. (I was also nowhere near at the level of importance where I’d be rubbing elbows with Dr. Kilgour under normal circumstances!)

The only significant in-person memory I have is of the LITA President’s Program at the 1993 ALA Annual Conference. I’m sure it was 1993, because I was LITA President at the time, and the program celebrated LITA’s 25th anniversary by having three former LITA presidents speak–well, actually, they were all ISAD presidents (Information Science and Automation Division), because the name change to LITA didn’t happen that far back.

The speakers:

  • Steve Salmon, the very first president, 1966-67. [Sticklers will note that this means the 25th Anniversary program was a year late. Sticklers will be correct. These things happen.]
  • Barbara E. Markuson, 1979-1980.
  • Frederick Kilgour, 1973-1975, the only LITA / ISAD president ever to serve a two-year term (as I remember, this was because the person who would have been president when Dr. Kilgour was Vice President / President-elect became the division’s Executive Director instead).

In a poignant note, the VP when Kilgour was president, and president in 1975-76, was Henriette Avram, whose death shortly before this year’s ALA Annual Conference sparked tributes at the LITA 40th Anniversary Past President’s Breakfast.

I certainly met Dr. Kilgour at that point; I’m not sure whether I’d ever met him before. Meeting him was a pleasure and an honor.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember much about the speech. Due to medical and scheduling issues, the agreement was that speakers would only come up to the podium as they were speaking–but I was sitting on the podium, the lone occupant at a table, paying attention throughout the three speeches. And, of course, not taking notes. I do remember that Dr. Kilgour was warmly received (as were all three speakers).

The field will miss him.