Five Weeks to a Social Library

I could point you several places, but this is as good a starting point as any. [Modified shortly later: Meredith Farkas’ post may be an even better starting point. If I ever want to get something important and difficult done, getting Ms. Farkas and some of these other people involved would be a great way to start!]

Disclaimer: I have no part in this operation, and I’ve never taken part in this sort of web-based course with limited participation. (Nor will I be signing up for one of the 40 slots, since I’m not in a library.)

But from what I can see of the stellar planning group–

  • Michelle Boule
  • Karen Coombs
  • Amanda Etches-Johnson
  • Meredith Farkas
  • Ellyssa Kroski
  • Dorothea Salo

— the approach they’re taking, and the whole concept, this looks like a sure-fire winner. It’s also serving the idea of innovation on a (cost and time and skills) budget, which is vital to widespread adoption of innovative ideas.

Likely to be Very Good Stuff. Go read the call for proposals; follow the process; participate if it makes sense for you. I certainly plan to go over some of the archived outcomes.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Walt!