Dipping tentatively into Wikipedia

So. I created a Wikipedia account (probably-unwisely using a fairly recognizable name) and made two Humongous Edits:

  • Changed the URL in the bibliography link to my “Library 2.0 and ‘Library 2.0′” issue so that it points to the new home for C&I. I may not be entirely happy with the current “summary” of my views on Library 2.0 as expressed in the article (it seems to be different each time I see it, but I don’t go there that often), but I didn’t change any text in the article. And probably won’t.
  • Added “for 2005-2006” to “President of the American Library Association” in the article on Michael Gorman, since he doesn’t hold that office any more. (I started by preceding “President” with “Past,” but since that’s also a one-year office…)

I don’t anticipate starting to do lots of Wikipedia articles or edits. I have other outlets. But I thought I’d get my feet…well, moist may be the right word.

(On a more personal note: There’s still a brief article on Walt Crawford in the German Wikipedia–and I just changed to URLs in that article. There’s no such article in the English version, and I think that’s appropriate…)

[Oops: The preview sure didn’t show me that missing close-href! Sorry ’bout that.]

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