Cites & Insights 6:10 postponed, special issue cancelled

The special “design and typography” issue of Cites & Insights for August 2006 has been cancelled. Yesterday’s “10% probability” is now 0%.

My expectation had been that most people could and would skip this mini-issue. Now you (we!) all will.

C&I 6:10, August/September 2006, will appear in August, probably late August. It will be a more substantial issue, almost certainly featuring “Looking at Liblogs: A Chunk of the Great Middle” (title not final).

Why the change from my original summer plan? In no particular order:

  • The heat wave is letting up a little bit, but the net effect was to trash productivity for the past five days. It’s still 85F inside at the moment–better than 91, to be sure.
  • When I formulated the plan, I was working 75%-time with predictable medium-range plans and had other semi-ambitious recreational summer plans. Since July 1, I’m back to full time, with more uncertainty than usual as to what that full time will entail in the long term. Life’s still a little chaotic.
  • It’s now clear that (barring real disaster) I can do the “research” for the full candidate list of liblogs from the “great middle”–but that process is slow, and there’s a lot to do after that “research” is done. The week+ of what’s left of spare time needed to do the mini-issue would make that process rushed or eliminate leisure reading. I’m not willing to do either one.
  • My sense is that nobody much cared about the mini-issue, maybe including me.

I’ll probably have another post about the progress of the “research” a bit later. “A Chunk of the Great Middle” is as descriptive as it will get, since I’m losing blogs during the process for various reasons, one of them a decision rather than a necessity. Right now, I’d guess the final article will include around 180 liblogs, but the total could be anywhere from 150 to 217.

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