In time there is change: An update

Given that I’ve managed to turn out a pretty substantial C&I (and install a needed new search report at work, and various other things), some of you must be wondering about the status of this earlier post.

The easiest answer might be the brief “Bibs & Blather” essay in the new C&I, which won’t appear as an HTML separate–except here, I suppose:

A Funny Thing Happened

The final section of last issue’s BIBS & BLATHER was “Here’s the Plan…” I recognized that I need a break—and that most of you take a break in summer. I planned a June issue with copyright balance as a major theme, a July issue (just before ALA) with library balance as a major theme, and then a “non-issue” for August, focusing on the typography and design of C&I, which most of you would probably skip. Meanwhile, I’d relax, read, contemplate, and do some long-range planning.

As some of you know, events over the past few weeks made contemplation and long-range planning a trifle difficult.

I won’t say everything’s resolved for the long term. I will say that I’m not obsessing over the situation and am inclined to believe things will work out.

The major theme of this issue is indeed copyright and balance. The two essays here aren’t all that I had in mind; that would have required far too much space. More related essays may follow.

As things stand now, the plan continues—although that plan may not leave as much room for “reading, relaxing, going on short trips, organizing music, and all that.” We shall see.

Short term, expect continuity. Longer term—that’s harder to predict, but isn’t it always?

I hope that helps.

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