Disappearing comments and trackbacks

If you see trackbacks appear anywhere and then disappear, there’s the usual reason: For some reason, a high-density, unrelenting spam attack that somehow overcomes Spam Karma’s settings.

Same goes for comments–and if your real, legitimate, personal comments disappeared, my apologies: SK seems to do that sometimes when you’re getting rid of the c*@p

4 Responses to “Disappearing comments and trackbacks”

  1. Ruth Ellen says:

    This is making my bloglines feed of the comments kind of interesting. For now. I can see it becoming tiresome. (is there an emoticon for that?)

  2. walt says:

    Ruth Ellen: I think I’ve mostly fixed it by adjusting Spam Karma settings. Meanwhile–well, yes, that number at the bottom of the page is correct (but padded, because Spam Karma blocks loads of trackbacks and comments that would be blacklisted or disallowed by WordPress in any case). For example, I had 256 new trackback spams since late yesterday–and, as usual, they’re in waves: 90 for hotel rooms, 100 for credit cards, 50+ for mobile phones intermixed with s*x.

    I guess I really should subscribe to my own comments feed for a double-check on what’s showing up… I’ve never been much for comments feeds in general, but maybe “watching yourself” is a special case.

  3. Ruth Ellen says:

    I’m don’t follow comments on most blogs, but you get such great discussions that I like to see them.

  4. walt says:

    On behalf of my articulate readers: What a nice thing to say!

    I get email every time there’s a comment, or at least it’s supposed to work that way: One reason I don’t have a comment feed. (Or didn’t: I do now, but it only seems to go up to February 14. Probably another BlogLinesQuirk.)