Missing and confused

I seem to remember writing one or two posts between April 15 and now.

They’re gone. LISHost had a mishap, apparently unrecoverable.

Comments on posts submitted since April 16 or 17 may also be missing.

My apologies.

If anyone has copies of posts or comments that aren’t on the blog, you could do me a favor by emailing them to me at waltcrawford@gmail.com, so I can restore the posts (commenters can restore their own comments).

There’s another, truly mysterious, problem, apparently unique to this blog: The RSS feed — well, now, a whole host of RSS feeds — show up as “hassam4000talat” or something like that, with a tagline of “Just another WordPress blog.”

Since I can’t even find anything along those lines anywhere within the WP template, I also can’t seem to fix it.

As I noted at LISNews, this would be an ideal opportunity to say “Well, that was interesting,” and just shut down the blog. But I don’t particularly want to do that.

With luck, we’ll find a way to restore this blog’s name (such as it is) and maybe even some of the content.


2 Responses to “Missing and confused”

  1. davidking says:

    Walt – do you use bloglines? If so, try this: go to your feed (assuming you subscribe to your own feed). At the bottom, where it says “Display items within the last” … section, choose Week, and hit the Display button (and cross your fingers).

    I had the same problem, but Bloglines has rememgered my posts, thankfully!

    Now on to copying and pasting…

  2. walt says:

    Thanks; I’ll try that. (Yes, I do use bloglines.)