LISHost rules the library world

Have you been noticing similar posts from a fair number of library (and related) blogs–TameTheWeb, Hangingtogether, and a slew of others?

About losing some posts and comments and how they’d restore the posts but maybe not the comments?

OK, for W.a.r. it’s obvious: The URL includes “” If I’d started the blog a month later, after I finally set up, it wouldn’t be so obvious (given 1and1’s pricing, I’d probably just buy as a domain).

Blake lists some of the customers on the LISHost pages–but not all.

And does a fine job. Every system has hiccups once in a while. Rarely do you get the kind of personal feedback and attempts to correct the hiccups that we-all got at LISHost.

Minor note: It’s taking me a while to get used to the semi-WYSIWYG editor in WordPress 2, which Blake installed (at my request, before we realized that the hommas4000talat situation–still there at Technorati, but give it time–was a Bloglines problem, not a LISHost problem); if there are more aesthetic irregularities than usual, blame my slow-learner status.

Oh: And linkbacks, which I’ve always allowed, are actually showing up now. I’ll monitor them. If I find they’re being used for spam purposes, I’ll simply turn them off: Managed to live with them being invisible for a year.

2 Responses to “LISHost rules the library world”

  1. Dorothea says:

    That WYSIWYG thing in WP2 is astoundingly annoying. There’s a pref to turn it off before it drives you crazy.

  2. walt says:

    Thanks. I may do that. By some standards, I passed crazy a while back, but that’s a different issue.