Counting the spam

Actual site visitors may note that, after an initial period of light activity, the Spam Karma 2 spam count is moving up relatively rapidly, on the order of 10 to 50 “eaten” posts per day.

It appears (although I’m not quite certain) that most of this spam was being stopped by WordPress’s “block list.” It’s still being stopped, but counted by Spam Karma 2. (I could be wrong, in which case there’s just a whole lot more spam, mostly repetitive.)

Sigh: One managed to make it through as well, although it’s now been disappeared.

If there is a hell, I’m comforted that there will be a special ring of it reserved for spammers and crackers. I should at least be in a less horrific ring.

[Yes, I know, it’s another metablog. I do have a few “real” posts that I want to do. Somehow, time and energy are lacking. We actually went to a live play this weekend, for the first time in years–“The Sisters Rosenzweig,” a first-rate play in a first-rate performance (Actors Equity professionals, not a local theater group) at Mountain View ‘s Performing Arts Center–then spent most of Sunday afternoon planting a second Blenheim apricot tree to replace a plum tree that didn’t survive… But after one more C&I essay, I’ll do some real blogging. Maybe.]

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